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Practeaz : Amazingly Simple & yet inexpensive

Practeaz flow is so amazingly simple to use.

Then, must be costly like other desktop softwares and presently available online softwares ?

Not at all – just Rs 2100/yr.

Practeaz: just Rs 2100/yr

For the complete module.

Add a clinic/doctor at just Rs 2100/yr to your plan to help you run hospitals with multiple doctors or multiple locations.

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Practeaz is a browser based software, so would work on any device:

desktop | laptop | tablets | mobiles | Android | apple | windows  – and just an internet connection and you are ready to start your clinic.

Free Patients App:

Your patients receive a free app for: appointments booking, presctiption, online payments, receipts, vaccination history and more, notifications.

Our software has been received by the hard working medical community with open hands :

Since launching the software in August 2019, more than a hundred have registered with us … and daily new doctors are joining us.

Have a look at the testimonials of doctors who are using our software very effectively.

See what our newly joined doctors say about us:

Dr Rajesh K Patel, Ahmedabad. Joined Sept 2019


“So easy to use as the name suggests: Practeaz – practice made easy. Loved the support and the response of the software support team in helping us out in setting it up.

Will recommend it to any doctor who is tech savvy and wants digitalisation of their clinic.”

See what our newly joined doctors say about us:

Dr Isha Gohil, Pediatrician, Vadodara.


“Very easy to use ! The best part is the prescription for us pediatricians, the weight range dosing is the best part, first in its class.

And yes very easy to register and quiet easy to use.”

See what our newly joined doctors say about us:

Dr. Mohammad Azharuddin, Diabetologist. Joined Aug 2019.

“Excellent EMR. Go for it. And the tech support is kind n helpful. Responds quickly to ur greviance. Happy user here. Thank u Dr Bhavin Soni :)”

See what our newly joined doctors say about us:

Dr Geeta Soni, ENT surgeon.


“Being a novice to use software for practice, I was amazed at the ease of sign-up and ease of set-up of my appointments, hospital details, medicines.

Another great portion of practeaz is the support by the team.”

See what our newly joined doctors say about us:

Dr Prashant Khadayate, Pediatrician.


“Had started my practice recently and such a good software at unbelievable price, made for pediatricians by a pediatrician.


God send gift. So easy to signup and setup.

Love it. “

See what our newly joined doctors say about us:

Dr Arpan Parekh, Pediatrician.


“We have a group practice and multiple clinics. This was a special incentive to us for choosing this one.

The prescription with dose range is amazingly accurate : with one click brings the right dose for the weight.

Kudos to the practeaz team for such a good product and round the clock support”

Modules and Features at a glance:

Having a demo is the best way to know if Practeaz suits your needs.


Manage appointments, check-in patients and auto-queuing of emergency and walk-in patients.



Create prescription in less than 20 seconds and display it in english or regional languages.


Add and manage vaccine schedule and track vaccines given to patients.



Manage charge master for treatments and create invoices and receipts.


Manage more than one branches/locations of a hospital with same patient ID and records.

Patient Records

Manage patient records – clinical notes, diagnosis, investigation, vaccination, history and more.


Indoor Management

Manage indoor rooms, patient’s daily checkup sheet and discharge summary.

Auto Calculation

Auto-calculate profit on medical consumables based on differences between actual and selling price



Get any specific reports on daily and monthly for OPD and Indoor billings.

Who can use it?

Doctors - Clinics - Hospitals


Any medical practitioner


Doctors at multiple hospitals


Hospital with branches



Search doctors nearby


Book appointment online


Get prescriptions on mobile

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