Our Journey

Practeaz was envisaged in 2016 December by 3 professionals : Jaimin & Dhaval – both of them software developers and Dr Bhavin Soni – a Medical practitioner.

The primary Development was completed in 2017 July and was first tested. A lot of development was done simultaneously and an immense – complete product was put in use in July 2018. This was well tested and improved over a period of 1 year and we launched it for general use in August 2019.

By now the product encompasses a lot of features : Appointments by staff, self appointments by patients through app, proper queuing them, billing, OPD Rx module of Dr – boasting of a superb prescription module, Indoor module, All reports and lot more.

The product is very well supported by the professional software team. Always ready to help the new users realise the full potential of this software and readily available for any immediate help.

The intention of founder members is: To develop a intuitive software for medical practice and do it at a very minimal price.

So the price has been kept unbeatable : Just Rs 1500/yr and this will remain so. No need to worry about increase in the cost – rather there may be trend in future towards decreasing the cost !!

Rest assured: you will get a great product and at Rock Bottom price !!

Happy Practeaz-ing to you.

– from the practeaz Team.

Our Team

Dhaval Doshi

Chief Software Developer

The person who has made practeaz possible. From understanding the requirements of doctors and medical establishments and making the software team work in a proper direction to create a beautiful product.

Jaimin Doshi

Chief Software Designer

The one responsible for wonderful look, user interface and work flow of the software. His efforts make our medical practice look easy and serene.

Dr Bhavin Soni

Chief Expert Advisor

Into software building advising since 1999. practeaz was envisioned by him and has given the basic medical and practical requirements to build the software. Will be helping out new users to use the software to its full potential.