Prescription Module
  • Prescription making is the Jewel in crown of this software.
  • The user is allowed to make prescriptions in many different ways :
  • choose the dose – frequency – days and quantity manually or
  • Use predefined instructions from the list
  • auto calculation of doses for weight – specially for paediatricians.
  • auto calculation is for a weight range ~ that in a particular weight range it will give a predefined dose.
  • special instructions for that particular medicine can be predefined
  • the prescription instructions can be given in many different languages.
  • tag the prescription with a tick/ cross/ question or star to explain more to the patients.
  • heading above medicines to further customise your prescription.
Billing Module
  • Billing modules both for indoor and OPD
  • A 3c report generation
  • Employee wise 3c report
  • receipt change report
  • multiple payment options
  • doctor wise reports
  • different modules of Indoor billing to suite big or small hospitals
Indoor Module
  • The Indoor module has all routine features of admiting a patient
  • The Indoor order sheet making and printing.
  • Making it from a template makes the job easy for the resident dr.
  • Creating the discharge card and ability to use templates makes it very easy
  • Operation notes for a surgeon
Patient App


  • A well designed patient app comes free with the module.
  • The patients are amazed at the help the doctor provides to them through the app
  • It allows the patients to take appointments in seconds !
  • It also gives them access to prescriptions on their mobiles
  • Receipts are available to the patients as soft copy
  • Notifications and reminders to patients.
  • vaccine records get synced with the doctor’s record.
Appointments and Queue Module


  • The appointment module is an innovation.
  • The staff can give apoinments on the go.
  • The Patient can also book appointments on his app or online.
  • Multiple doctors/ multiple clinics can be handled
  • Appointments blackout and scheduled holidays also can be planned.
  • Checkin when the patient arrives with some basic medical parameters like weight BP height temp can be done by staff.
  • Checkin time is compared with appointment time and if late the patient is put in appropriate slot in the queue.
  • Auto queuing when patients are checked in ~ those who come late in proper slots ~ emergency patient in priority slots ~ walk-in patient also accommodated.
  • Waiting time and consulting time reports.
Vaccine Module


  • Vaccine module is another feather in the cap.
  • Beautifully crafted UI
  • single click for Combination vaccines.
  • Brand wise entry
  • Next vaccine information to patients on sms / app notifications
  • Vaccine cost counting and reports of total use and profits.
  • Vaccine inventory

Facts of Cloud Software :

Its much cheaper than Desktop softwares that are anywhere from Rs 15k to 30k, while practeaz a cloud software is just 1500/year

Desktop hardware & its AMCs are always more costly to maintain

Facts of Cloud Software :

So easy to install and use.

Use from any where – on any device

No difficult downloads just a easy wizard setup

Very easy upgrades

Myths of Cloud Software

Its a myth that cloud softwares are yet to popularise : Facebook Whatsapp Google all platforms are cloud. We are already using cloud in day to day activities.

Its a myth that your cloud software is restricted by internet : with broatband internet so easily available and multiple options like mobile availabilty this is no longer a hurdle for cloud software.


Myths of Cloud Software

Its a myth that your data is not secure with cloud : most cloud softwares are on very secure platforms like Amazon or Microsoft, just like practeaz is on Microsoft Azure; that are more secure than individual desktops that are vulnerable to viruse, malware, ransomwares.